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Triumph Brecon Jeans

Part No: MTJS18406
Brand: Triumph
Triumph Brecon Jeans

Bolstering everyday versitility the Brecon Jacket and Jeans have internal removable Gore-Tex liners. The Gore-Tex 3-layer technology used within the Brecon Jacket ensures the garment is extremely light and packs down far smaller than regular Gore-Tex garments. The Brecon's 3L Gore-Tex inner jacket can also be worn separately when off the bike, meaning you carry less additional clothing in your luggage on your journey. When the liners are taken out of the non-waterproof outer jacket and jeans they encompass maximum airflow for riding in warm climate whilst maintaining all functional requirements with D30 impact protectors throughout. The Triumph adventure clothing range is the only Gore-Tex motorcycle clothing available. It comes with a two-year Triumph warranty and a 5-year Gore-Tex warranty making this an investment worth making. See Gore-Tex.com for more information on the unique Gore-Tex brand.

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